Dealer Business Intelligence Software: Reporting and Insight

dealer business intelligence software, reporting

Do you have any questions about your business? You are not alone. Every CEO, director and manager wants to know key performance metrics that will help them improve their team. It is very common to ask questions. Most of the time these questions arise from a need. The more you know the more you make. Unfortunately, it is also common not to be able to answer these questions. The reason is because the most dealers use multiple systems to manage their business. These systems do not always work together. Reporting is one of the problem areas.

Reporting is one of the strongest points of our dealer management system. Because we support every aspect of running a dealership, we can also provide reports that are very comprehensive. Say for example you wonder if you make more money from one sales person vs others. Normally you would have a CRM system that does not contain sales or profit information. Even if it does contain a field for profit, it would require manual updates and it would get out of sync with your sales system very quickly.

We have 6 types of business intelligence reports: sales, cost, profit, CRM, participation and online views. These reports all contain charts, custom filters, groupings and sorting. In all of them, you can dive further into details by clicking on a row and see even more history regarding the detail.

We also have some operational reports that report day to day info like vehicles waiting for registration, sales calls, customers, deals, etc. Most business intelligence reports details eventually arrive at these reports. We can also write any custom reports you may need. Please contact us for more details and demo.

Dealer Management System by Carsinia