Dealer Inventory Posting Software, Nightly FTP Upload, Online Marketing

Dealer Inventory Posting Software

The domain name by itself is pulling a lot of visitors for It is up for discussion as to whether you should use Autotrader or but we recommend both. Autotrader has a lot of history with online and offline marketing components but is a very high traffic site as well. Carsinia provides automatic inventory posting to

A lot of DMS (dealer management system) providers have integration with That does not mean they are the same. From a marketing perspective, features may seem like check marks in a list but there is quite a lot of detail to it. For example, a major online marketing software for car dealers does not even show what kind of info they post to Or when they actually sent the inventory last. With Carsinia, you can see all the details and times of the the cars sent to Every night, we put all info on your vehicles and we upload them to via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Automatically Added Comments: You can add auto comments for every vehicle posted to This is commonly used for adding a line about invitation to your website for viewing all your inventory. For example: "We have many high quality used cars like this one. Check out our website at to view all our inventory. We are located at 555 dealer st. San Diego, CA."

VIN Decoder Info: We will send the features of your vehicle obtained from our VIN decoder to automatically. You can edit these features for better accuracy and marketing.

Comments Limits: The maximum number of characters allowed in vehicle comments is 2000. If your comments are going to be truncated, we will let you know. In that case, you can either cut down on the specifications or your comments.

Videos: One of the most important things that is possible with and not with Autotrader is the videos. Carsinia websites can display videos of your vehicles on YouTube. These videos will also be displayed on your inventory listings automatically.

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