Auto Dealer Craigslist Software, Ghosting, Captcha, Car Upload Limits, Tracking Vehicle Views

Craigslist is one of the busiest sites in the world and a major online marketing channel for car dealers. Dealers of all sizes want to upload their cars to Craigslist. It is local, it is free and most of all, it brings leads. It is a pity that Craigslist does not share this enthusiasm. The site started as a non commercial service and they want to stay that way. They want to stay local. This means that they do not want someone from China posting items for sale in San Diego. So, they check the location of your computer from IP address. Also, they do not want people posting the same thing over and over. The reason most people do this is so that they will be listed at the top of the recent items list and that is why it is called top posting. In order to prevent this, Craigslist checks a new post and does not allow it if they think it is like an other existing post. Last but not least, they do not want any single person posting a lot of things all at once. For that reason they check the IP and account used at posting and do not allow another post using the same IP or account with in a time period.. Then they realized that people were getting a lot of accounts so they now require a distinct phone number for each account. This is frustrating for dealers.

What happens when Craigslist denies a post? It depends. They may reject it out right at posting time. Most other times they ghost it. Ghosting is when Craigslist allows a post to be submitted but does not show it in search results or in the lists. So, what can you do to make sure that you are not ghosted? First of all, obey the rules. Check out the terms of use. Stay below the upload limits for each of the accounts you use. This is mostly one car a day but can change by your IP and previous posts. To be on the safe side, use each account once per week to upload one car only. Make each post as unique as possible. Use distinct words and layout. In order to lower the chances of ghosting Carsinia can convert your posts to images. This way, they cannot look like some other post because there are nearly no words in them. We also provide unique tokens you can use for the same purpose. Use local IPs. If you are using proxies, do not get IPs from far away cities or countries. This makes it harder or impossible to post.

One thing to note, it is not a good idea to try to crack Captcha. This is the image displayed at the time of posting. Some apps provide cracking tools for this which is a border line crime if not already so. It is advised to enter the Captchas your self. When you do post it, you want to track views for your posts. Our dealer management system (DMS) makes it easy to enter Captcha and track views. See our blog and Craigslist setup pages for more details.

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