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dealer crm software, automotive crm, internet lead management

As soon as you get your first sales person, you realize you need a system to keep track of his or her calls. It is not only for making sure that your employee is doing the job. Of course you want to read about the things said on the phone to leads and clients. You need to check how many calls were made, how many emails were sent and how many of them resulted in visits and sales. With the help of this system you would also be able to see any promises made, quotes given and notes taken for leads if they call at a future date. You need a Dealer Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software.

Some dealers ask: should you CRM be integrated with your DMS (Dealer Management System)? The answer is a resounding "Yes!". The main reason is called duplicate entry. Whenever you have multiple systems you need to enter the same info, you will find that you will have a few problems. Waste of time is the least of your worries. Errors made while entering the same info is another. When such errors are made, you may be able to find the customer info in one system but not others. Lastly, any kind of reporting is much harder when you have these systems. Let's say you suspect that clients coming from one of the sales people you have are more likely to default on their loans. How do you prove that? You have to have your CRM and DMS in the same system. Otherwise such reports are very very difficult.

Your CRM should be the same system as your DMS. Most companies do not provide a full featured solution for CRM and DMS at the same time. There are a lot of systems marketed that do websites, online marketing and CRM. Because they do not provide a full DMS, the way they market their product is: Internet Lead Management. This is just a marketing gimmick and you should always strive to have your CRM and DMS in the same system.

Carsinia provides a CRM system with a lot of features. Sales people can record their calls, visits with their customers. They can send emails to leads and customers through our software as well. This way the email will be recorded in the system. You can then list the customer communications or sales people activities on a daily basis. This is the most basic function of a CRM.

A lot of managers want to know how sales people compare with in a team and how their performance changed with time. Our reports can show that. If you have multiple territories, you can even compare territories. You can dive into details and check the break down of visits, calls and emails by sales people or regions. You can then set your sales people pay outs accordingly.

Another feature of our CRM is the ability to set custom status codes. Every dealer has a distinct life cycle in mind for the customers. Most start as leads and end up as active or lost customers. There can be anything in between. Prospect, win back, pending, are some of the status codes commonly used. You can define your own life cycle and status codes. Does a customer not wish to be contacted? You can set do not call and do not email flags.

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