Dealer eBay Motors Software: Posting, Custom Templates, Classifieds, Local Market Listings

Carsinia DMS (dealer management system) can post your vehicles to eBay Motors. A major part of all online vehicle sales in US happens on eBay Motors. As a dealer you just cannot afford to ignore this profitable channel. What is more, we make it easy to use this valuable tool.

One of the most confusing things about eBay is the listing type. The first question is: Local vs National - which one should you choose? You can actually post your vehicles locally on eBay. It is actually free to post up to 6 cars per year in your local market. This is a great way to sell your cars. It is in classified format. What this means is it is like autotrader or or vehix. It is simple. If you want to post more than 6 cars per year, you would have to pay a fee for each post and for $1000 you can get a dealer account that allows you to post unlimited number of cars. You also get the ability to list your posts with best offer option. This is like saying, I am selling this car for x dollars but I need to sell it fast and I will take the best offer.

National listings are a whole different game. You can post vehicles nationally at fixed price but mostly they are in auction format. They have a lot of different rules. You usually use this format when you need to get rid of a car that has been sitting in your lot for a long time. You need to be careful with these listings. Because they are somewhat complicated, you may end up losing quite a bit of money on your cars trying to sell them. One rule of thumb: put a decent reserve price. This will prevent low ball offers.

We provide custom templates for your listings that you can modify in every way. eBay has a lot of rules about what you can display in your posts. You cannot use Javascript - which is what makes the postings fancy and animated. You also cannot show logos and links to your website. eBay wants to make sure that any leads they provide purchase your vehicles through eBay so that they can be commissioned.

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