Dealer Sales Forms and Documents: Generate and Upload Sales Docs

This is the most basic function of a dealer management system: printing forms. It takes a lot of time to fill out the forms for deals and time is money. Printing forms from the DMS prevents errors and speeds up the sale. There are two different types of forms: PDF and NCR. NCR forms are pre printed and work with dot matrix printers.

Part of the dealer account setup is adding the forms they use to the system. Most of the standard forms are available in PDF. Some of them can be downloaded directly from DMV. It is really simple for us to enter DMV forms to the system as is. If you have any PDF documents that do not have form fields, we can add them as well. We can even convert your Excel spreadsheets and Word documents to PDF forms and make them available in our DMS. We can make any PDF document available as forms in our DMS.

PDF forms meet the need for nearly all documents but some forms still need to be printed on a special paper called carbonless copy paper. This kind of paper was invented by NCR and that is why they are also called NCR paper or NCR forms. They usually include multiple thin layers. These papers cannot be used in modern printers. They can be used only in old dot matrix printers. Some forms come pre printed on NCR paper. All you need to do is fill out the fields. In this case, printer does not print the entire form - just some fields on it. The fields need to be aligned for the form and the printer. It is very easy to add this kind of documents to our dealer form software. All you need to do is scan a form and upload it and then add fields to the form by dragging and dropping them in the right places. See our video on the right and our document management page for more details.

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