Dealer Online Marketing Software: Websites, Autotrader, and Craigslist

dealer online marketing

Let's face it. Car dealer business is online. Some dealers get 95% of their customers from the Internet. Consumers are much more informed. Whether you like it or not, Internet has revolutionized auto dealerships and how they conduct business.

Marketing is also another relatively new concept for car dealers. Most businesses did advertising - not marketing. There is a key difference. Marketing includes company images, research, target groups, demographics, etc. It is not simply advertising. Combined with the online world, this becomes more more elaborate. Online marketing is managing your company reputation and image on the Internet as well as advertising your inventory.

There are a few key channels of how you go about conducting online marketing.

Dealer Websites

If you are selling cars, you have to have a website. If you are extremely well connected and well known in your community and if you have an extraordinary sales force, you may be able to get by for another few years. But make no mistake. You will go out of business if you do not have a website. It is simply necessary in this day and age. The question is, how much are you going to spend for it? Read more...


Autotrader is one of the biggest car marketing channels on the Internet as well as offline media. If you are thinking about spending some money on online marketing, this is the venue to go. Carsinia provides automatic inventory posting to Autotrader. Read more...

The domain name by itself is pulling a lot of visitors for It is up for discussion as to whether you should use Autotrader or but we recommend both. Autotrader has a lot of history with online and offline marketing components but is a very high traffic site as well. Carsinia provides automatic inventory posting to Read more...


The good old Craigslist. It looks very simple to advertise but it is cunningly difficult. Craigslist is born as a non-commercial site but became increasingly so over the years due to its high traffic. Spammers are constantly trying to post their ads and Craigslist is fighting them - unfortunately the car dealers get affected by this war negatively. Still, posting on Craigslist remains extremely profitable for car dealers. Read more...


Some like it, some don't but eBay motors has become a big marketing channel for car dealers. At the very least, each car dealer should take advantage of 6 free car listings on eBay classifieds. You can even get away with free bid style listings if you set the reserve price high. The more money you spend on eBay, the more returns you will get. Read more...

Other Online Marketing

Google is also another key company for car dealers. SEO and website marketing is the obvious reason. There is also Froogle and Google base services that allows consumers to search for cars. Vast, vehix, lemon free are some of the other important sites for selling cars online. There are also some local sites that would be very important to work with. For example, KSL is such a site for Utah. Most online marketing arenas are covered with the big 4 (Autotrader,, Craigslist and eBay) but the other sites should not be ignored.

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