Dealer Software for Post Sales Process: Registration, License, Rebates, Floor Planning

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You did purchased cars wisely, did your marketing, got the customer, worked the deal, sold the car. Great! But you are not done. There is still quite a bit to do after the buyer leaves your store. If you do not do this post sales work, you may end up not completing the sale or buyer remorse and maybe even bad reputation and reduced future sales. You dealer management system should help you keep track of this process.

After you sell a vehicle, you need to register and change title of the vehicle to the new owner. This is usually done with a single form filed to DMV. If the vehicle is going to be getting a new license plate, it can be specified there as well. The most important thing is to be able to tell the customer what the state is regarding this process when they call. In our DMS, you can record all the steps with dates. You can also report on the vehicles that need registration to be filed (they are not even sent to DMV yet) or mailed (you got the forms or license plate from DMV but have not sent to the customer yet). This way you can make sure your customers will not be angry with you post sales.

Another post sales item is the rebates. After the customer sends the rebate info, you want to know which vehicles are waiting for payment from the manufacturer. In our DMS, you can record the rebates and when they were received. You can also report the vehicles waiting for rebate payments.

Lastly, if you used an inventory loan when buying the vehicle (also known as floor planning), you now need to pay it off. Our DMS has floor planning features that cover not only post sales but all during the vehicle life cycle. You can report all vehicles that need inventory loan payment and sold vehicles are included in this set.

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