Dealer Reconditioning Software

dealer reconditioning software

Once a car is brought in to the dealer, it needs to be prepared for sale. If it is a used car, this mostly means reconditioning. Vehicles typically go through a mechanic check - sometimes for certification programs. They may need to be repaired, certain parts may need replacement. At the very least they need to be detailed. For new cars, the process is less extensive but some work needs to be done. In any case, reconditioning costs add up and they need to be tracked.

In a nutshell, you can enter your reconditioning steps in Carsinia, enter reconditioning work using these steps and then report on them. It is a simple, yet powerful process. Reconditioning steps can be anything you like. Ordering parts, detailing, engine repair, changing tires, etc. You can make them as specific or generic as you like.

As the service department manager, you would then assess a vehicle to see what kind of repairs it would need. You can also have somebody else do this as well. Vehicles that need assessment can also be reported. Once the reconditioning process is determined for a car, you can then assign personnel for each step. You can track progress on a daily basis. Or the service department manager can take a print out and give you progress at regular intervals.

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