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dealer websites and customer retention

If you actually got the customer to call and sold them a car, you should maintain your relationship. This is good not only for referrals but also for future repeat sales. Obviously you would need good sales and support. But your website could help you with retention as well. In the online world, retention is done via reputation management, social media, newsletters, email marketing, etc.

Reputation Management

People are talking about you. Internet made social interactions much easier. People want their opinions heard. So, whether they have something good or bad to say about you, they say it online. They put it in their blogs, profiles, posts, chats, emails, etc. Bottom line is, everybody is a journalist these days. Capturing the good reputation, would enable you to make it be heard louder. Capturing the bad reputation would give you a chance to respond. Putting these feedbacks good and bad on your website would help you manage your reputation and maximize leads. With Carsinia websites, publishing such info is an easy task. What is more, you also get the added benefit of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For more info, read this book: Groundswell.

Social Media

The world is changing. Internet is getting people closer and they want to get closer with companies as well. The social media sites provide a great venue for communicating with your leads and customers. Setup a facebook page and twitter account at the very least. It would not hurt to have accounts with other sites like MySpace, Hi5, Xanga, Digg, etc. but it may be difficult to update all accounts at the same time. There are some solutions available for integrating them, though. In any case, you should advertise these pages on your website. With Carsinia, you can add facebook and social media sharing widgets easily to all your website pages easily. Read our social media marketing for car dealers article for more info.

Newsletters and Email Marketing

Once you sell a car to a customer, it is good to keep your communication with newsletters. Let them know your latest models and specials. Eventually they will need a new car. Or they might refer a friend. Your website should allow you to collect emails for your newsletters.

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