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Online visitor acquisition is basically attracting people to your website. It is no use having a great looking website if no one can find it. It is not uncommon to see great looking websites that cannot be found in any other way than typing the domain name to the search engine. In order to get people to come to your website, you would need to advertise it and optimize it for search engines. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a pretty vast subject.

In this article we are not going to talk about the technical details. If you would like detailed information, click here for a great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) article. Carsinia does not provide SEO services but we help you by educating you about the subject and provide tools for you to do your own optimization. You can also easily hire an external SEO consultant or firm after getting a dealer website with us. That said, here is the skinny on SEO:

Write Relevant Content: You want to be found when somebody searches for used cars in your city? Write about used cars. Write about the brands you sell. You can easily create new pages with your Carsinia website. Put the content you want to emphasize in bold. Bring out the author in you. Write relevant and long comments in your inventory. Do not overuse the keywords, though. Use them sparingly (between 1-3 times is typically ok).

Tag Them: Carsinia provides the mechanism to update your SEO tags for all pages in your website inlcuding your inventory. These tags are: title, description and keywords. When you are writing a page, think about how you want your page to be found. What is it about briefly? Then populate these fields.

Get Links: It is not about what you say, it is about what others say about you. The more links there are pointing to your website from other websites, the higher your rankings will be. The quality of the links matter, though. It is better if the website is a big website and if links are using your keywords. Like this:

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