Dealer Transportation Software

dealer transportation software

Most dealers go to the auctions near by. However, it is not uncommon for dealers to shop for cars in auctions quite far from their headquarters. This can be due to a special vehicle request or simply a good catch. As dealers grow, this becomes more and more common. Franchised dealers also need to have their cars transported. Transportation costs add up and need to be tracked. This is part of inventory management.

In Carsinia DMS (dealer management system) you can record your vehicle transportation steps. You can enter how much they cost and when they started and when they arrived. If you receive a batch of cars at the same time, you can even update their arrival in bulk. Later, when you sell these cars and their profits need to be calculated, these transportation costs will be added. The process is pretty much the same for new and used cars. New cars come from the manufacturers and used cars mostly come from auctions. Dealers may or may not be paying for the new car transports but it is good to keep track of the shipments.

If you have a lot of transports to organize, you can go one step further and optimize them. Say for example your dealer is in Houston, Texas and you have one car in Newyork and one car in Washington. You can have them meet in Nebraska and have them transported together from there on.

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