VIN Decoder: Vehicle Specifications and Equipment Information

vin decoder

Part of getting a car ready for sale is retrieving specifications and equipment info. At the very least this is necessary for marketing. It is good to highlight the best features of your product. But also this is needed for inquiries. When a customer calls and asks what the horse power is, you should be able to give an answer quickly. This is done with a software component called VIN decoder.

Carsinia VIN Decoder provides a wealth of information about the vehicle. This can be obtained at the time you are entering a car or later on if you like. VIN decoding is not an exact science. It is a complex process that can have errors. The more info you have beside the VIN, the more accurate it is. That is why, after checking the VIN info, Carsinia asks for possible models identified for the vehicle. It then gets the full specs based on the info you provide.

What kind of information do you get with VIN decoder? A lot. A few stock images, MSRP, year, make, model, body type, engine, technical specs, equipment information, options, weight and dimensions, etc. Our software also summarizes the features at a glance for marketing purposes. You need more detail? We also show crash test results, possible color codes for the model, recall information, emissions, fleet styles and warranty info when available.

If VIN decoder fails to find info on your car (can happen for uncommon vehicles), you can always search for it online and enter it yourself with our DMS (dealer management system). This way, you can easily find specs info for inquiries and use it on your website or other online marketing.

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