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Car Dealer Website Optimization and Conversion

You may have a website that is found by a lot of people. However, you may still not be hearing the phone ringing. Or it could be much better. If people do not think that you have a professional website, they will not call. Even if they think that your website looks OK, if your competitor website looks better, they might go with them. There are a lot of factors that affect this. Experimenting and finding out the best page elements that generate the highest number of leads is called Website Optimization.

This is a very complicated topic that takes a long time to show results. You would start getting results with SEO typically within the month. The full results would become clear in 6 months. Website optimization takes longer than that and it is an ongoing process. The reason is because you can never be sure if you are getting the best conversion rates possible. With SEO, you know you reached your goal when you are number one in search results for the keyword you are going for.

Let's assume you got your dealer website with Carsinia (or somebody else) and it looks good but you are wondering if putting a contact us form on the home page would increase the number of leads. You could try putting it up and check if it increases or not. But it may be increasing because of a seasonal thing. It may be that at the end of the month, more people are likely to inquire for cars. What you do is called an experiment.

You create a version of the home page that includes the contact us form. Then you go to Google Website Optimizer and setup an experiment such that 50% of the people coming your home page will see the new version and 50% will see the old one. Then you would need to setup a goal. In this case it would be actually submitting the contact us form. This does not capture the phone calls but it is an objective measure. That is your conversion. You want visitors to convert to leads. After a while Google tells you which one is better.

Now take this and do this over and over with sometimes more complicated expermients and other website elements. Check the effectiveness of your landing pages (the pages that people find you through SEO). This process is called Website Optimization.

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